Paul Goldstein Financial Services
The Working Years

During the working years, many families are struggling with how to apply their earnings towards various competing priorities, such as mortgage reduction, children’s education and retirement savings.

Let us remember that there are only two sources of income: people at work and money at work. How much capital do we have to accumulate in our working years to replace us as a source of income during our retirement years and how do we make the most efficient use of these funds during retirement? These issues are a function of many factors which vary from individual to individual.

To customize your solution, we will in each case address the following questions:

  • In how many years do you plan to retire?
  • For how long will the income be required?
  • How much spending money will you need to maintain your lifestyle?
  • What will be the sources of your retirement income? Government, private pension, RRSP, investment portfolio…etc.
  • What about inflation?
  • What about taxes?
  • What about risk?
  • What about health?
  • Have your retirement and estate objectives been taken into account?

We have a successful track record in helping clients maximize and guarantee their retirement incomes and estate values.