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The following are a select number of testimonials submitted by clients of Paul Goldstein Financial Services and by other professionals. Please do not directly contact any of these people without obtaining consent from Paul Goldstein.

Joseph L. Rotman

October 5, 2010

Dear Paul:

I would just like to reiterate my extreme confidence in the way in which you have dealt with our life insurance portfolio.  The degree of professionalism and diligence that you bring to bear on the process is of a quality that is rare in the industry.

Specifically, the last policies that you placed for us have operated in accordance with the original projections almost to the letter.  It is gratifying and very comforting to us to know that these policies will provide the excellent returns that were projected at the outset.  They will provide our estate with a very important source of tax-free liquidity.  Your advice to invest the capital in both policies in long-term, secure, fixed income products providing guaranteed yields significantly in excess of current rates, on a tax-free basis, has proven to be insightful and strategically astute.

Finally, your degree of oversight and monitoring of the policies that you provide by way of annual review and audit is exemplary, and highly appreciated by our Investment Committee.  In particular Abby Strahl who chairs that Committee and is responsible for monitoring assets such as these, has relied upon your guidance and cooperation in reviewing these policies with the Committee.

I wish you continuing success in your endeavours and business within the retirement planning and wealth management fields.  We feel very fortunate to have you as our advisor on these matters.

I would also like you to feel free to use my name or Abby Strahl’s name as a reference.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph L. Rotman
Chairman, Roy-l Capital Corporation

Robert F.

November 18, 2010

Since 1990, Paul Goldstein has developed several ingenious investment plans for my specific interests.  I hold him in high regard as the most knowledgeable, caring and confidential professional having the utmost integrity.

Robert F.
President, Investment Real Estate

John A. Tory, Q.C.

May 22, 2008

Dear Paul,

Just a note to say how much I appreciate your efforts on our behalf in relation to the Manulife policy on the lives of my wife and myself which is held by Jaytor Investments Inc.  Your persistence has achieved a result which makes the entire arrangement much more attractive from a financial standpoint and I suspect there are very few people who could have accomplished this.  I also suspect that your reputation as a person of great integrity had a lot to do with it.

With kindest personal regards,

John A. Tory, Q.C.
The Woodbridge Company Limited

Eric Burri

August 31, 2004

Dear Paul,

While I was adjusting my records to show the recent investment renewals, I began to reflect on the twenty-five plus years of our business relationship which has turned out to be very beneficial for me.

Thanks to your thorough knowledge of this particular segment of the financial market, your resourcefulness and your respect for my particular likes and dislikes, I now have the luxury to feel financially comfortable and secure about my “dotage” years.  Without your advice and careful execution and supervision of the investment procedures, I could not enjoy the freedom from worry as I do now.

Thank you Paul, and may we continue this enjoyable and fruitful cooperation for another few years, as many as our Maker allows.  Thanks also to your competent and friendly staff.

Very sincerely yours,

Eric Burri

Sylvia & Klaus Bogner

September 16, 2009

Dear Paul,

According to the news reports the recession has come to an end.

Sylvia and I would like to thank you for your wisdom, experience and investment advice.  Our investments and income have come through these difficult economic times unscathed.  All around us friends and acquaintances have suffered substantial investment losses, but due to your advice we have not suffered the same fate.

In 1998 you prepared a “Projection of combined income & asset values”, your interest projection was 5% which is precisely what we are currently receiving on our investments.

Thank you very much,

Sylvia & Klaus Bogner

Edgar J. Strader, Phm.B

August 9, 2006

Because of a heart attack at age 60, I had to retire from business and suddenly found I had no income or plans for retirement.  This situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  My C.A. recommended Paul Goldstein as estate planner and financial adviser.  Paul gathered up all my bits and pieces of savings, insurance etc. & did wonders with them.  His planning and advice resulted in a very comfortable situation for me and guaranteed for as long as I live.  For me this situation speaks for itself.  For ESTATE PLANNING and FINANCIAL ADVICE Paul Goldstein is truly outstanding.

Yours sincerely,

Edgar J. Strader, Phm.B

Mark Halpern

November 23, 2012

As a member of the Estate Planning Council of Toronto I have the pleasure of sharing ideas and best practices with professional colleagues at our monthly meetings downtown. My personal highlight of the meeting last week was a presentation by Paul Goldstein, a living legend in the Canadian insurance industry.

Paul is a Holocaust survivor with a distinguished 46 year (forty six!) career, decorated frequently with numerous awards and recognition from insurance companies and peers: he is an innovator, educator and top producer. For more than 30 years Paul has consistently qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table's Top of the Table, a select group of less than 1% of all insurance advisors worldwide.

On a personal own accolades. Paul has been my close friend, inspiration and personal mentor for several years.

Paul's presentation last week focused on the creative use of widely misunderstood financial instruments called annuities. Everyone's heard of them, but few people really know how to use them properly.

He described the recent case of couple age 65+ with $4m sitting in a holding company. They required substantial guaranteed retirement income combined with significant tax savings. The results he obtained with annuities were very compelling.

Mark Halpern

Certified Financial Planner

Trust and Estate Practitioner

Bryan Allendorf

November 14, 2012

Good Morning Paul

I enjoyed your presentation last night. That is the first time I recall hearing a speaker with an intimate knowledge of annuities.

Is there any possibility of getting a copy of your comments? I would like to read thru them again to gain a better understanding of the differing yields under annuities and RRIFs and situations were annuities should be an alternative for wealthy clients

Thank you

Bryan Allendorf CA, CPA,


Business Taxation and Transaction Structuring