Paul Goldstein Financial Services

Estate Distribution

People spend a lifetime accumulating all kinds of assets: investments, businesses, real estate, etc. These assets can end up in only three places: family, taxes and charities. Without proper planning, the results of our life’s work may be allocated in ways that are a far cry from our priorities. The government may end up with a disproportionate share, family members may feel that they have been treated unfairly and our favourite causes may be unnecessarily deprived of a meaningful donation. 

With proper planning, these pitfalls can be avoided. In many cases we have made it possible for clients to organize their estates in such a way that they were able to simultaneously:

  • increase the net value of their estates
  • enhance their retirement income
  • increase and equalize their children’s shares of the estate
  • minimize taxes on death
  • make significant charitable bequests at no cost to the estate

With our help, many clients have achieved far more income and estate values than they thought possible.  This has been achieved through a two-stage process:

  1. A comprehensive needs analysis, taking into account the individual’s resources, objectives and concerns
  2. The application of customized investment and life insurance strategies.

We have a successful track record in helping clients maximize and guarantee their retirement incomes and estate values.